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How do I activate and print out a cover note?

• Go to your Back Office.

• Select the appropriate application from the ‘Cover notes to be issued’ tab.

• Select ‘Issue Cover Note’.

• Complete the start date that you require. You have control over this and it depends on taxation / delivery date – please remember that you cannot start in the past.

• Complete the Registration Number (if not yet lled in)

• Tick the ‘Please con rm you have read the above box’.

• Insert any free text you may wish to in the box provide. This is merely to help you pass messages onto your colleagues or keep notes.

• Click ‘Save’.

• A secondary box is displayed o ering access to the policy and other key documents. You can open and print them from here.

• Please remember that it is good practice to print two copies, one for your customer and one for your les.