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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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Cap Windows Data Disk Updates

To update used Values & iD information, New Prices & Options, Standard Equipment Colours & Trims, Monitor & Running Costs, and Used Monitor click on the Data Disk Updates icon on the main menu or clicking Options from the toolbar and selecting Data Disk Updates. This will load the Data Disk Updates screen.


From the Data Update screen, click the Configuration button in the lower left of the screen.   This will display the Loader Configuration Manager screen. From this screen it is possible to configure the Data Update process to check for updates when connected to the internet (a check will be made each time the application is started). If this is already configured then do not amend it unless done so by technical staff.

In order to enable checking to take place, tick the Check web for data updates option and enter Company Name, Subscriber ID and Password. If connecting via a proxy server then it will also be necessary to tick the Use proxy server option and configure accordingly.

Load Disk

Click on the Load disk button at the foot of the screen to start the disk loader and enter the location of the data disk or use the Browse button to navigate to the location. Click the Load button to load in the data update and click Finished when completed. Alternatively click the Finished button to exit.


Click on the Download button at the foot of the screen to manually connect to the CAP servers via the internet and retrieve any updates.

Installing Updates

Once updates have been identified, either via automatic checking, load disk or download, their progress will be displayed on screen. Once installation of updates has been completed, click the Finished button