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What kind of reports does REACT create?

There are several reports that can be used to manage your assets within REACT:

Keeper Change
We receive notifications of keeper changes from the DVLA so we are in a prime position to inform you that your asset may have been sold, and may be at risk, especially if an innocent purchaser is involved!

VRM/VIN Mismatch
Our database shows that the entered VRM and VIN do not match the details held with DVLA. This could simply be an entry error or it could alert you to potentially fraudulent activity such as a ringed vehicle.

Potential Deletion
This report notifies you of interests that have past the term of the agreement and will be automatically removed from the register if they are not extended. The Potential Deletions for Finance Interests are generated at 5 months past term whereas Security Interests are generated when they are 1 month over term. To prevent them from being removed you must extend the term of the agreement within 1 month of the notification appearing in your asset monitoring.

Paper Car
There is a risk that these interests only exist on paper to fraudulently obtain finance. cap hpi generates this report when you record an interest that has no details stored with the DVLA.

Cherished Plates
It is more and more common to register vehicles these days with a cherished plate, especially high-value vehicles, and the keeper of the vehicle often overlooks the need to notify the financier of that vehicle that plate has changed. This could leave you out of pocket on potential admin fees and costly DVLA fees. Through our process, your asset is protected due to cap hpi’s unique ability to match interests to VRM’s and VIN’s.

New Interest on Prior
We have received a new interest from another party against an interest you already hold on our database. This could be a new financial or security interest, or an insurance write off or stolen notification.

Prior Interest on New
You have added a new interest for an asset that is already recorded on our register by another party.This could be an outstanding financial or security interest, or an insurance write off or stolen notification.

No Finance Alert
Generated where an interest is no longer recorded on our Finance Register but has been subsequently added to the Security register.

Registration Conflict Report
These notifications provide invaluable information on assets that have failed to process on our database because of a validation failure. This can include finance insertions, de-registrations, extensions or amendments. We also notify of assets that have been added to our database but using default data due to validation which you may wish to update. If you do not regularly review and action these notifications your assets may be at risk where not recorded or could be generating un-necessary clearance requests for failed deletions.

Data Quality Report
This report could highlight system failings or staff input errors. We will notify you of any poor data that we receive about your assets.