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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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How do I register a vehicle?

Subject to your account status you can register an asset as either a finance or a security interest or on both registers. To do this simply hover over the 'registrations' item and select the type of interest you'd like to add.

The ADD option is selected by default. The initial screen shows the mandatory* information required to add the interest:

The VRM of the vehicle you want to add to the register.
(NOTE there are strict validation rules on this field, so you will not be able to proceed if the format is invalid. Typical UK registered vehicle is in AANNAAA format, with no spaces)

The VIN of the vehicle. This should be the FULL 17 digit VIN for DVLA registered vehicles. You should never use the shortened VIN when registering a vehicle as it limits the match rate when HPI checks are performed.
(The VIN field can also be used to add non DVLA registered vehicles such as plant and machinery by entering a serial number)

This is an optional field, allowing you to enter the mileage of the vehicle.

Agreement Reference Number
This should be your internal agreement reference or customer reference number used to identify the agreement.

*You can register on either VRM or VIN, but it is strongly recommended to use both for DVLA registered vehicles to increase the match rate when HPI checks are performed.