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What does the Retail Advert (iQ) tab do?

On average, cap hpi receive 330,000 unique retail adverts every day. The Retail Advert (iQ) tab in Valuation Anywhere allows you to harness this data to see how vehicles like yours are selling across the UK. It provides insight into how many of these vehicles are currently advertised, what the average mileage of these vehicles are and what the average retail price is.

The functionality also allows you to customise the adverts that you are seeing, by filtering on location and mileage, as well as including vehicles on different plates.

The adverts displayed are a maximum of 30 days old, ensuring you are always seeing relevant, up to date retail advert data.


Advert Statistics

  • Based on the vehicle you have looked up in Valuation Anywhere, the Retail Advert (iQ) tab will display the total number of adverts cap hpi have received in the last 30 days relating to this derivative.
  • Above the graph, we display the average retail price and mileage of these vehicles based on their adverts as well as the average number of days that they have been advertised for.


Distance & Location

  • The Distance filter defaults to nationwide. If you want to look at vehicles being advertised in your local area, you will need to enter a postcode. This must be a full postcode rather than a partial postcode.
  • Once a postcode has been entered you will be able to select a distance within which to filter your results. You are able to select within 10, 25 or 50 miles of your postcode – or keep the filter to nationwide.
  • If you enter a valid postcode, this will be stored and used the next time you view the Retail Advert (iQ) tab.


Mileage & Plate

  • The mileage and plate filters allow you to filter the retail adverts being shown to only specific mileages or plates.
  • The plate filter allows you to look at vehicles on other plates to the one you have selected. You can choose to only look at vehicles +/- 1 plate, or right up 5 plates either side of the plate you are looking at.
  • The mileage filter allows you to restrict results to within your specified mileage selection


Buy & Sell

  • The buy and sell fields allow you to input the desired price that you could buy and sell this vehicle at. You can type any number you wish, or select one of the default options:
  • The Gross margin field will then calculate the difference between your optimal buy and sell price. It will display with green text if gross margin is greater than zero and red if it is less than zero – giving you a handy visual highlight.
  • The orange banner on the graph highlights your buy and sell price so you can see how your buy and sell price compare to the market.