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Does REACT send out any emails to notify me?

When funders add a new interest that has a prior FINANCE interest held on the register, REACT will automatically email the funder who has the oldest agreement date registered to request clearance. The email has an in-built action dependant on the button selected, this expires after 30 days, a second email is generated at this time so timely actioning of the 1st email clearance request will prevent multiple requests, reduce further follow-ups by telephone thereby speeding up the process for all concerned.


The email gives the funder three options:

Delete my interest - This will remove the interest from our register and automatically complete.

Interest still held – this will send an update back to your ‘email’ dashboard which will then require you to investigate further.

Subject to Clearance - The funder can specify a date for an expected ‘subject to clearance’ this reduces the requirement for re-checking which saves money and resource.


If by the date the funder specified as a clearance date, the interest is still live on the register, REACT will send a reminder email – this time with only 2 options.


You can also receive a daily reminder email (to your designated email address) showing the ‘new notifications’ this is split between all of the sections enabling team leaders to allocate resource easily to the priority areas without having to conduct lots of analysis.