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Can I bulk upload VRM's for valuation?

If your subscription includes Bulk Import Valuations, you have the ability to bulk import multiple vrms into your Valuation Anywhere account.

Upon login, from the main valuation page go to the Import Manager

From this screen you can view the file import format required to import. The file should hold the VRM in column A and mileage in column B as a minimum.

Columns C & D are optional to denote the condition (C = Clean, A = Average, B = Below) and a reference which will be stored against the valuation.

For example;

Before you import the file, you must choose the location to store the vrms/valuations and how you would like vehicles with multiple derivatives to be handled;


The summary screen will advise which vehicles have failed due to possible alternative pack models and require further action from you to select the appropriate model.

Click on the Review & Download tab to download the file based on current matches;

Click on the Manual Match tab to select from available options. Select as required and click confirm to move to the next vrm. If you do not want to do this immediately, the vehicles will not be valued, but you can return to the manual match anytime by click on the review/download button from your main valuations page.