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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

cap hpi's dedicated support

What will I see in the search results?

The content and detail you will see depends on the type of item searched for. All results use the ‘traffic light’ system as per the markers in the hpi check.

Standard Enquiry
This applies to any sort of check that has been searched for. The table will present a summarized view of the checks matching your search criteria. The full results of a specific check can be viewed by clicking on a row.

Pended NMR Investigations
If you have raised an NMR Investigation where a discrepant mileage has been identified, this will show as pending until sufficient evidence has been received to clear the discrepancy. This is represented by an orange dot. You can tick the box to only show these vehicles and there will be a link to provide further details. If no investigation was raised, this will be represented by a red dot.

Registration Search
You will be presented a list of additions, amendments and deletions made to registrations. The full results can be viewed in full by clicking a row.