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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

cap hpi's dedicated support

Can I download a copy of my search results?

Yes. A CSV download is available that will show the matching results. The fields can have a number of entries to explain the specific results of an enquiry:

Y – The vehicle ‘hit’ against that particular register. For example, if a Y is marked against Finance, it means that the vehicle has an outstanding finance.
N – This vehicle was clear against that register at the time of the check. So, taking Finance as above, an N would mean that there is no outstanding finance.
X – This detail was not request. E.g. No valuation requested
XX – No check was carried out (Only applies to Vehicle ID)
YY – Plate transfer recorded with Interest. For example, a previous plate that was once attached to the vehicle has an outstanding finance agreement attached to it.

If you opted for either a Postal or Email certificate with your enquiry, the following status’s can be found:

Y (Accepted) – You requested a certificated and it should have / will have been received.
N (Not Allowed) – The check you performed does not allow you to opt for certificates.
X (No Available / Not Requested) – A certificated was not requested at the time of the enquiry.
P (Pending) - If a certificate has been requested and the vehicle is found to have interest attached to it, the certificate will go into pending and we will investigate whether the interest is still current or not. If it can be removed from the system, we will do so and you will then receive your certificate.
E (Expired) – If your certificate did go into pending but we couldn’t remove the interest then the request is ‘Expired’ and you will not receive the certificate, however you won’t be charged.