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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

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What is included in an enquiry search?

The enquiry search will present you an overview of any HPI Check performed that matches the entered search terms. The results are split across a number of tabs:

The summary will show the overall result for the tabs above. I.E. a Red under the HPI Check shows that the results of the HPI Check included a red warning result.

HPI Check
This will present the results for the core HPI Check registers. This will show the result (Red, Amber, Green and Not Checked).

Shows the results of any NMR product, either the check or investigation.

If any of the valuation products were included in the enquiry, then they will appear as green. Grey means it wasn’t included and an amber result shows an issue occurred in getting the valuation.

Additional Data
This will provide an overview of the make, model and previous keepers for the vehicle that was checked.

Any certificates that were generated or provided as part of the enquiry will be presented with a green result.

Other Services
If there were any of our other services that were included as part of the enquiry, these will be listed here. This will include services such as the V5 Check or Spec Check.

More Info
Any final details about the enquiry can be found here. This will include the company and operator who performed the check as well as the media type and the option to ‘Recheck’, which will perform a new check to ensure nothing has changed.