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Looking for a Vehicle Valuation or hpi check?

cap hpi's dedicated support

Which valuations can I add to my check?

We offer 5 valuation products through the HPI Check:

black book live - a daily valuation of the vehicle, adjusted throughout the month to give the most up to date valuation at any time. To find out more visit our [product page].

black book + - This shows how the cap hpi valuation is changing with time, giving 3 to 12 months of historical valuations and 3 months future valuations. To find out more visit our [product page].

mid-month – A valuation adjusted to use the mid-point of the month, providing a more accurate valuation from mid-monthly onwards when compared to standard monthly valuations.

Auto Trader Market Values – Provides a valuation generated from multiple sources including Autotrader, and additional market intelligence for the vehicle such as a desirability rating and expected stock turnover period.

Glass’s – The valuation of the vehicle according to the Glass’s service. This provides the latest set of Glass’s valuation data ‘G2’.